Global Impact

Over 850 million PCs are turned on every day. If TekLeap systems were used at a ratio of 6 NComputing devices to each PC:

  • Energy use would decline by over 120 billion kilowatt hours per year
  • CO2 emissions would decrease by 96 million metric tons - it's like planting 460 million trees
  • E-waste would be reduced by 6.7 million metric tons

Eco-friendly computing

We can't live without PCs, but we need to learn how to live with them: they consume too much electricity and generate too much e-waste. A typical PC takes 110 watts to run, and there are almost a billion of them on the planet. And according to the Silicon Valley Toxics Commission, e-waste is the fastest growing part of the waste stream.

The solution is simple

Today's PCs are so powerful that we no longer need one for each person. We can tap into the excess power in one PC and share it with many users. TekLeap green technology uses just 1 to 5 watts, lasts for a decade, and generates just a few ounces of e-waste.

Save on computer costs & electricity

TekLeap green computing systems save you 75% on hardware, and since they draw less than 5 watts, you reduce your energy footprint by as much as 90% per user. And because our devices produce practically no heat, they reduce the need for energy-consuming air conditioning. Electricity savings alone can pay for the virtual desktops in as little as one year.

The Greenist Computing on Earth

Save 90% on Energy