Virtual Networking

Save 75% on hardware and Save 75% on maintenance!

Virtual Networks drastically reduces the cost of computing by allowing multiple people to simultaneously share a single computer. Perfect for every size of enterprise and all levels of education. The perfect cost-saving and energy-saving solution for schools, government and non-profit organizations.

How Desktop Virtualization Works.

Most virtualization technologies are expensive to acquire, implement, and maintain. TekLeap is different because we save you money from day one. Our desktop virtualization technology allows multiple users to simultaneously use a single computer—at a very low cost. Desktop virtualization software allows multiple user accounts to be used at the same time by efficiently dividing the computer's resources into independent sessions.

A Simple and Easy Three Part Solution.

1) The software, which allows standard Linux and Windows PCs to be shared by multiple simultaneous users. Each person runs their own applications, just as if they had their own PC. Software and updates can be found in our Software Download Center.

2) The communications protocol, a method by which the desktop images and audio are sent to the access device and how the keyboard and mouse data is sent back to the PC. It is highly efficient, and excels at multimedia and audio/video synchronization.

3) The access devices (or Thin Clients). These are inexpensive, small, low-power, reliable, durable boxes . On one side they plug into the users’ peripherals (such as the keyboard, monitor and mouse). On the other side, they connect via cables to the shared PC.

Save 90% on Energy

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