Who We Are

TekLeap manages, designs and implements technology solutions. We employ a team of senior engineers and business analysts to act as a virtual IT department for small, medium and large businesses. In most cases, TekLeap is the ideal IT department and virtual IT director to assist your company. Each of our senior engineers specializes in a specific sector of a business's infrastructure and together we form the ideal elite fleet of engineers to navigate our clients – safely and quickly – through challenges and obstacles, whether they be large or small.

Located in the heart of downtown San Francisco, TekLeap was established to become a strategic business partner, primarily to Financial, Architecture and Law Firms. We help you conceive and execute technology strategies that are aligned with your corporate objectives and strategies, enabling you to improve performance and shape a competitive advantage. As well, we can save our clients on hardware and maintenance costs – sometimes as much as 50%.

TekLeap builds sound, reliable and elegant network solutions by providing:

  • "TekLeap helped us build our Private Cloud Computing Solution to support our remote users in our remote offices and warehouses in California. Using virtual technology, our remote offices and users connect to our systems using low level hardware like thin clients. We have saved over 50% in Hardware and Maintenance Cost.”
  • — Remick Associates