Why TekLeap

TekLeap will help you develop a network plan that will not only be easy to implement, but will meet your budgetary and business needs. Our Production Readiness Analysis will ensure that your network will smoothly support your business initiatives.

At TekLeap, we are not just network experts; we are also business analysts. Our assessment and planning experts can advise you on network consolidation, performance, support, and ongoing system operations and implementation. But we can also analyze your business components and identify any weaknesses in performance, reliability, and availability that may be impacting your business.

With long experience in business and technology, TekLeap can help you execute a network strategy that will improve your performance and build a competitive advantage.

Understanding what works best for your business –
And how it could work better

  • "We hired TekLeap LLC to help us optimize our Servers Performance, and Reinforce our Network’s Security with Cisco ASA appliances. We realized the importance of having Enterprise grade Systems and TekLeap was recommended to help us design and implement the solutions. It’s a pleasure to work with professional who understand our business. We have built a strategic relationship with TekLeap to help us prepare our company for future trends.”
  • — Lattice Capital