ReSecure Technology

Malware prevention that doesn't rely on detection

How It Works

The ReSec CDR platform processes all files, analyzes the content structure, and rebuilds a duplicate file with no loss of functionality. This “content reconstruction” method isolates suspicious elements and guarantees that all users receive clean and sanitized content, attachments and downloads. Just in case, original content is stored safely outside the network for future reference or analysis.

Resec - Malware detection

Malware detection

Traditional anti-malware and anti-virus solutions detect only “known threats” and cannot detect or protect your network against new and “unknown threats”. This means that malware can go undetected and organizations are exposed to serious risk until an update is published by anti-malware vendors.

Resec - Sandboxes


Despite widespread use, the sandbox model struggles to defeat the evasive techniques deployed by malware writers. In addition, sandboxes generate many false positives, create bottlenecks and delay file delivery.

Resec - Corporate policies

Corporate policies

Some companies restrict the use of file attachments and internet downloads despite the negative impact on productivity and collaboration. Other companies try in vain to discourage employees from opening files from unknown or unreliable sources – most employees assume the network is secure and continue to click on suspicious links, open email attachments and download questionable files.


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