Aeegle Cloud Platform

Aeegle Cloud Platform

Aeegle is a technology that empowers any person to create Business applications in the Cloud without being a software developer, in hours, not days or months. Boosting the Digital Transformation in a 500%.

Our Technology

Based on a Metadata-driven development model, that lets users visually create business applications, that automatically are enhanced with a simple & consistent UI and navigation pattern, mobile support, workflows, role-based access, a web service layer, API, and dozens of connectors to talk to

Solutions: How ACP can help companies? use cases

ACP - Custom database

Custom database

ACP - Workflow & Approval process

Workflow & approval process

ACP - Document management system

Document Management System

ACP - Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

ACP - Master directory in the cloud

Master Directory in the Cloud

ACP - Middleware 3re Party Integrations

Middleware 3re Party Integrations

Comparison Aeegle Platform

ACP Comparisson chart

ACP Current modules

ACP Modules - Application builder

Applications builder

• Create Apps

• Configure apps

• Mobile support

ACP Modules - Form designer

Form designer

• Drap-n-Drop design

• Comprehensive pallete

ACP Modules - Workflow designer

Workflow designer

• Approval flow

• Notifications

ACP Modules - Security and administration

Security and administration

• Users, groups, roles

• Forms, Fields

• Record level permission

ACP Modules - Master directory building

Master directorybuilder

• Employee, contractor

• Partnert, locations,

departament, job

• Rich profiles

• Smart Searches

ACP Modules - Automated actions

Automated actions

• Trigger, webhooks

• Schedule actions

ACP Modules - Third party integrations

Third party intergrations

• G Suite, Drive

• Api

• Okta

ACP Modules - Data management

Data management

• Import/Export app data

• Data integrations