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Work Stations, Kiosks and Digital Signage

Implementation consultancy for Google Chrome devices

Google Chrome Devices

Are devices with Google technology connected to the internet that turn any monitor into an interactive screen or a robust kiosk, which can be managed remotely, it helps the company to publish and distribute audio visual content and applications in an easy and secure way within the company or in different locations in your city or the world.

Chrome devices allows you to implement one or hundreds of kiosks and signage for clients or employees, which are centrally managed, making it easy to monitor and support; also complying with the highest security measures at hardware, software and communication level.

Interactive kiosks

Interactive kiosks

Accessible and reliable equipment running in the web that allows you to implement interactive service points for a single-purpose for customers, guests or employees.

Display solutions for retail, restaurants, financial, public administration, etc.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Attract attention with digital signs. Broadcast media at storefronts, restaurantes or venues to educate and advertise.

Show time-based menus, images, videos and YouTube playlists, as well as Google Presentations and more. Get your message out there.

Work stations

Work stations

Chromebooks are workstations, safe, easy to use, manage and scale. Rest knowing your business data is protected with verified startup, encryption, built-in antivirus and constant security updates from Google.

Technology that generates value and reduces costs in your company.

Google Chrome devices has revolutionized the way companies implement interactive screens and kiosks, making it accessible for all types of businesses, by its security, simple administration and support, increasing reliability and reducing costs.

The benefits of Chrome Devices for your company are:

Fast and reliable devices


Chrome devices start in seconds, and get faster day by day, so you can complete your work faster. Besides it does not require hours and hours in administration.

Security as top priority


Configure up to 300 policies to properly manage your device with built-in encryption at software and hardware level, the content resides in the Google cloud.

Chrome has been built with security and productivity measures in mind.

Manage multiple devices from one place


Manage one or thousands of screens remotely from the same console, with Chrome you won't need an IT department to have the best digital signage system in multiple locations around the world.

The impact on IT and cost savings

Reduction of overhead

According to a study, from all analyzed organizations, in 3 years achieved a return on investment (ROI) of 319% and annual benefits of $ 4,146 per device on average.

The main performance improvements with Chrome Devices include:

The impact on IT and cost savings

Digital Signage for your audience

Display solutions for Retail, Restaurants, Financial, Public Administration and more

Chrome Business services

Our specialized services in Chrome for Business

Installation and support by experts

  • Business analysis and implementation strategy
  • Google Chrome Devices Management (CDM) licensing
  • Installation, deployment and technical configuration
  • Application development for kiosks
  • Chrome Devices deployment and management training
  • Equipment and accessories supply: Chromebooks, Chromebox, etc.
  • Continuous post implementation support