G Suite

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Create and edit documents, receive emails without spam and secure with Google technology

Easier teamwork with G Suite

Make faster decisions and better results

  • G suite, the integrated suite of business productivity apps ready to use
  • Perform like a fortune 500, move ahead of the competition and get the best productivity hack for your company
  • Take a quantum leap in the productivity of your business with G Suite
Easier teamwork with G Suite

What we do on G Suite:


Tekleap and Google Cloud partnership allows us to provide you with the licenses you need to start on G Suite right away


Tekleap has large experience configuring G Suite for different customers. Our process includes domain configuration, security measures, users creation and device enrollment and activation


We train your organization to explode all the potential of G Suite. The End Users training is focused on providing the knowledge and competencies for the personnel to use the products in an efficient way


We offer G Suite Technical Support, with a high-tech level staff trained directly by Google with over 6 years of experience supporting users worldwide and saving you efforts and time in order for you to invest on your own productivity.

Google migration consultancy

Our comprehensive Google migration consultancy includes:

  • Professional planning and administration of the project from 1 to 25,000 users and more.
  • G Suite Licensing / Google Apps for Work
  • Installation and configuration of the solution and integration with existing systems.
  • Change and communications management plan
  • Migration of data history of your previous solution: mail, calendar, contacts, documents
  • Implementation of security policies
  • Training for administrators and support team
  • Training end users
  • Continuous technical support post Implementation

Our proven 4-step process guarantees the success of your project

G Suite implementation process
Google experts

Certified Staff

Tekleap is the Google partner that has the largest number of engineers certified by Google and more than 7 years of experience in Google Cloud

Wide experience

Wide experience

Migrations performed by experts with dozens of successful projects, avoid mistakes and delays. Ensure the success of your project

Customer satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

We work with awesome clients and our team of experts are committed to exceed their expectations

We train your team:

G Suite Mail and Calendar

In this course we dive in the main functionalities of Gmail and Calendar but also in the most advanced settings, such as forwarding, filters and labels (folders). We also walk through the basics of Hangouts to complement the collaborative work

Google Docs and Drive

This course has been designed to help your users discover the features and benefits of Google Drive, Docs, Sheets and Presentations. Throughout the course we replicate daily situations in your business and solve them one by one

Google Groups and Sites

Theoughout this session we walk your users for them to start using Google Groups, sharing items, starting conversations, working collaborately as well as the use of Google Sites to publish important information to a certain set of users

We walk you through the entire process:

Integral consultancy

A more efficient way to work

Email, calendar and Web-based documents that allow you to work anywhere.


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