Structured Security, Strategic Response:  Your Data Security Road Map.

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" November 27, 2023

The IRS and the Security Summit partners remind you to protect yourselves and your clients' sensitive information by putting in place a Written Information Security Plan (WISP).

A WISP helps you identify actions to take in the event of a security incident, data loss or theft. You're the first line of defense in protecting taxpayer information. Regardless of the size of your practice, you should take steps to protect your systems and comply with federal standards.

The sample Written Information Security Plan (WISP)PDF provides a starting point for businesses. It can be scaled for a company's size, scope of activities, complexity and customer data sensitivity.

For more information on WISP, see IRS Publication 5709, How to Create a Written Information Security Plan for Data Safety "

At TekLeap, we offer two distinct service plans tailored to meet a wide range of needs. Whether you're looking for comprehensive IT support or specialized data security services, we have a plan that fits. Below, compare the features and benefits of our General IT Services Plan versus our Data Security Services Plan to see which one aligns best with your business objectives. 

TekLeap's Data Loss Prevention Plan includes:

“Our Architects & Contractors in San Francisco & Lake Tahoe have been working on high profile projects over the last several years. This has required a fast & dependable connection between us and our clients. Whether it’s a live video conference with colleagues first thing in the morning or a late into the night last-minute blueprints upload to the Cloud; we can always rest assured that TekLeap has established a bridge of high-speed communication that is essential to our daily work.”

-Anna, Remick Associates DB, Inc


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