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Secure your data and processes through an effective Digital Transformation strategy for your Business where Cybersecurity is top priority

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eSec Technologies
Blacksands Simple Secure Scalable Dynamic Connections

Aeegle, The G Suite and Cloud Computing Experts

Our solutions are designed to bring innovation and productivity to your business.

Meet our solutions:

Cyber Security by Tekleap

Forget about concerning of what might happen if your network was under attack – TekLeap lets you run your business while we take care of the rest.

Digital transformation by Tekleap

Ready to transform your business processes leading the paperless culture? We support your Cloud and Digital Transformation initiatives to get fast and successful outcomes

Cloud Solutions by Tekleap

We help to innovate and transform a company by taking full advantage of the benefits of the Cloud. Our experienced consultants will guide you to define the best strategy to move your company to the Cloud

Business Solutions by Tekleap

Cutting-edge technology in your company today. Solutions like ERP, Billing and more. We believe in Technology as a tool to increase productivity and competitiveness for all types of companies

Managed Services by Tekleap

We are a highly trained team of expert Developers, Solution Architects and Project Managers ready to join your Cloud Project and make a Success Story.­

“Our Architects & Contractors in San Francisco & Lake Tahoe have been working on high profile projects over the last several years. This has required a fast & dependable connection between us and our clients. Whether it’s a live video conference with colleagues first thing in the morning or a late into the night last-minute blueprints upload to the Cloud; we can always rest assured that TekLeap has established a bridge of high-speed communication that is essential to our daily work.”

-Anna, Remick Associates DB, Inc


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