Know and Control Every Connection

Secure Connection as a Service (SCaaS)

Blacksands solves the scaling problem associated with the explosion of new connections: deploying, managing, securing, auditing and logging.

Finally, a single elegant solution encompassing IAM, Networking and Auditing! Blacksands is a breakthrough network connectivity and security offering, significantly enhancing the control and security of IoT connections. This service offers an invisible network edge, point to point connection, with dynamic multi-factor authentication, authorization, and routing, to any internet connected device, outside the company’s network. Blacksands proactive technology not only creates an ultra-secure connection between users and services but also a single, simple management platform.

Traditional and legacy technologies, laden with complexity, have created a real-world challenge to securing data, devices and communications. Identity Access Management, Networking and Auditing may now be achieved through one simple solution.

Blacksands gives freedom back to companies and individuals who are disappointed with expensive, network security that doesn’t really work and is difficult to use. People who are tired of accepting the risk of not knowing who is on their network & the exposure they have as well as individuals who are frustrated and afraid because they have no control over who’s connecting to their valuable information, finally have a solution… Blacksands!

Blacksands brings security to the internet, its applications, devices and things, without introducing new protocols or requiring cumbersome software.

Blacksands Secure and Dynamic conections for:

Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT

At-Will, Remote Access for Applications and Industrial IoT - Customer Access; Repair & Maintenance; Collaborative Engineering; Predictive Analytics

Critical Infrastructure

Critical Infrastructure

Dynamic Point-to-Point Encrypted Connections to Critical Infrastructure - Remote Plant Management; Vendor Support; Repair & Maintenance; Legacy System Secure Connections



Scalable, Efficient Administration of the Exponentially Increasing Connectivity Requirements - Branch Building Management Systems; Local Servers; ATMs; Security Systems; Money Machines

Evolution of IoT in 3 years


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