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Sept 20, 2020

After a failed start in 2019 as PwndLocker, which had a bug that allowed it's victims to get their data back without having to pay the ransom, the creators of the ransomware fixed the bug in their system and brought back a new version under the name ProLock and are now increasing the ransom up to $1.8 million for some victims. Read More

Last month Microsoft patched one of the most severe bugs ever reported to the company, an issue that could be abused to easily take over Windows Servers running as domain controllers in enterprise networks. Read More

Sept 16, 2020

There has been a Dell iDRAC Vulnerability detected in controllers version 9.0 “This attack can be performed externally... ... or internally, such as with the account of a junior admin with limited access to the server,” Read More

The phishing emails contain either malicious links or macro-laden Word documents.

The malicious documents are simple and well-crafted to make the attack more convincing, but they may contain typos that could tip off an observant user. In an example presented by Malwarebytes, the document simply states, “Operation did not complete successfully because the file was created on iOS device. To view and edit document click Enable Edition and then click Enable Content.” Read More

TikTok has become a staple in the Generation Z online community. In early 2018, popular Chinese video app Douyin merged with to create TikTok. It was during this time, that TikTok was first introduced to the United States, where it then blew up into one of the most popular apps downloaded of all time.

The Pentagon had its own TikTok ban, banning the app from many branches of the United States Military due to privacy threats... Read More

Home shopping has boomed during the corona-virus lockdown with more and more people buying essentials, gifts and luxuries online.

But that is also leaving many of us open to scams.

And now a new warning has been issued to PayPal account holders following a surge of fake emails.

Action Fraud is again asking the public to look out for phishing emails, sent out by criminals, claiming to be from PayPal... Read more