Network Management

Network Management - implementation


Our network professionals specialize in planning, developing and building the network. We have experience with upgrades and building networks from the ground up. We take extra time in getting the big picture because as technology architects, we understand that every client’s network landscapes are not the same.

Network Management - Protection


Whether it’s a virus destroying or stealing your data, a spam attack or a firewall breach, it boils down to one thing – security. Large or small, every business needs it. TekLeap provides the end-to-end network security solutions that follow industry best-practices, policy and procedures.

Network Management - Optimization


Growing IT threats and increasing user demand for mobile, always available, and high-performing systems and applications are the new business reality. And when you have limited staff, time, and other resources, this can be a daunting day-to-day task. We can take care of them all so you can focus on your business competencies.